Sifu Duncan Leung became a private disciple of the late Wing Chun Grand Master Yip Man during the 1950s, having been introduced to the art by former classmate, Bruce Lee. Both he and Bruce fought countless fights in the streets of Hong Kong, honing their skills and experiencing first-hand how Wing Chun techniques are applied.








Since arriving in the United States in the early 70s, SiFu Duncan has taught various military and law enforcement institutions and private enthusiasts, from Police to FBI to Navy Seals. 


His unique training methods have provided countless students with a proper understanding and instruction in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and allowed them to gain better fighting skills through the use of the art in real fighting situations. This is Applied Wing Chun®.

Though SiFu Leung has retired from hosting regular classes in the US, he continues to consult and provide private instruction through seminars in China and Hong Kong. 

The 6 volumes of Applied Wing Chun® techniques, as well as other merchandise, are still available for sale here